Bodybuilding & Physique Events Calendar (4th Quarter 2015)

The heat of the competition season can certainly be felt with all the bodybuilding & physique contests around the corner!  This year seems to be the most eventful year. After four events including the incredibly-run Singapore Nationals Weekend last week, the last quarter of the year will be just as exciting! Now let’s have a quick look at the updates on the local scene.

MuscleMania Asia


Organizer: MuscleMania
Date: 26th September 2015 (Saturday)
Venue: Laselle College of The Arts – The Singapore Airlines Theatre
Tickets: TBA

After a successful Musclemania Asia in 2014, they are bringing back the show come September! Musclemania seems to have attracted a number of competitors from the region. Last year’s event drew a large crowd, especially with the presence of various big names like Ade Rai and Chul Soon making their guess appearances.  Another exciting show not to be missed!

Home Team NS Fitness Ironman


Organizer: Home Team NS
Date: 25th October 2015 (Sunday)
Venue: Home Team NS Bukit Batok Club Auditorium.
Tickets: Available at Home Team NS Bukit Batok Club.
$12 (Home Team NS/Fitness Workz Members)
$14 (SAFRA/JOM/SOCIAL Members)
$20 (Public)

Formerly known as the Home Team NS Bodybuilding Championship held in conjunction with the Strongman Challenge, the event has made a comeback with a brand new name – Fitness Ironman! The absence of bodybuilding from last year’s event certainly calls for it to be reinvigorated. This year, the event will include four Men’s Physique and two Men’s Bodybuilding categories. More than $10,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won! Only 250 tickets will be sold so grab your tickets now!

Singapore Classic Invitational 2015


Organizer: WBPF Singapore  NABBA Singapore
Date: 25th October 2015 (Sunday)
Venue: Tampines East Community Club
Tickets: TBA

Formerly known as the Singapore Amateur Classic organized by WBPF Singapore last year, the event has changed its name Singapore Classic Invitational 2015 – now organized by NABBA Singapore. Yes, you read that right. This is NOT a WBPF event and that explains the absence of the WBPF logo on the poster. NABBA Singapore is an organization spearheaded by former WBPF Singapore President, Mr Dennis Tew. The agenda of the organization is still unknown as little information has been disseminated.  Astonishingly, they have decided to hold their event on the same day as Home Team NS’ Fitness Ironman. After a poorly-run Singapore Amateur Classic last year, the reliability of the organizers of this event is certainly questionable.  Since this competition will be sanctioned by NABBA, the rules are assumably in adherence to NABBA’s international standards.

2015 Bodybuilding & Physique Events Calendar

It’s a whole new year! The next 12 months will be full of fun and excitement for the Singapore Bodybuilding scene. As you get yourself primed with new goals and resolutions, let us bring you through the calendar of events that will be happening this year.


Event: NUS Muscle & Fitness War 2015
Date: 17th January 2015
Venue: University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore
Tickets: $25 (early bird) and $30 (door)
Held every consecutive year since 1993, the NUS Muscle & Fitness War stands as the only platform for Tertiary Bodybuilding in Singapore. Standards only got higher year by year, with debutants sprouting out every year! This year, the tertiaries have been considerably expanded to four categories, divided by weight classes. The show also includes the Women’s Figure and Men’s Open category. This event is proudly organized by the NUS Health & Fitness Club and sanctioned by Bodybuilding Singapore!


Event: WBPF Singapore National Bodybuilding Championships 2015
Date: 29th March 2015
Venue: TBA
Tickets: TBA
WBPF Singapore will be holding their first National Championship as a new federation after calling off the one last year. There will be a total of 19 categories for this show, made up of Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Athletic Physique, Men’s Invitational, Women’s Model Physique and their newly introduced Men’s Sport Physique. The delayed release of information may cause unhappiness from the athletes due to the lack of preparation time. Little is known about the venue and ticketing at this point. The event’s promotion on Facebook has also stirred displeasure from certain parties as WBPFSG posted photos from the past years’ National Championships which were not organized by them. 
wbpfshitAbove: A post by WBPF Singapore President Mr Dennis Tew. The  2010 and 2011 National Championships were organized by the now defunct SBBF and the 2013 National Championship was organized by SBPF, which has disaffiliated itself from WBPF and now known as Bodybuilding Singapore.
The organization seems to have thrusted itself into the limelight for producing two champions at the recent WBPF World Championships in India. Rinn Farina bagged a gold medal in the Women’s Athletic Physique Category, beating reigning champion Bettina Nagy. Suharni Mohammad clinched the gold medal in the Women’s Bodybuilding category, beating Thailand’s strong contender Wilaiporn Wannaklang. Astonishingly, both their categories were lightly contested with only 3 competitors. It is unknown why a supposedly prestigious event like the World Championships had such a poor participation rate, which happens to be a clear aberration from the past.


Event: Physique War 2015
Date: 5th April 2015
Venue: TBA
Tickets: TBA
After a well-organized and successful Singapore Fitness Model Search held last September, Fitness Movement Singapore is organizing the groundbreaking Physique War to search for the young and finest physique models. As the concept of ‘Physique’ becomes increasingly popular, this initiative would provide a better platform for those who do not want to have the extreme size and definition like in bodybuilding.


Event: Bodybuilding Singapore Nationals Weekend 2015
Date: 22nd & 23rd August 2015
Venue: TBA
Tickets: TBA
Talk about efficiency – Bodybuilding Singapore has it all! Its entire calendar of events for the year has been released! This ought to be the most anticipated event of the year. After their second successful National Championship last year, Bodybuilding Singapore seems to have modeled after the Olympia Weekend by organizing the Nationals Weekend! The Nationals Weekend will include the Singapore Fitness Model Search, Women’s Figure, Women’s Bikini and the Mr Singapore Bodybuilding Championships 2015, where the best bodybuilders of the nation battle for the grand title. This would be the biggest and most prestigious bodybuilding event of the year!

12th WBPF Southeast Asian Championship


WBPF Singapore hosted the 12th Southeast Asian Championship on Sunday, 15th June 2014. The event was held at the University Cultural Centre of the National University of Singapore. A total of 8 countries came to battle for the title of Mr Southeast Asia. Spotted in the VIP seats were key appointment holders like Mr Douglas Latchford, President of Thailand Bodybuilding and Physique Association and Datuk Wira Gan Boon Leong, President of Malaysia Bodybuilding Federation. A number of former World/Asian Champions were also seen in the audience, showing support for their fellow countrymen. Athletes and delegates were housed in Hotel 81, Lorong 18 Geylang throughout their stay in Singapore.

The event was kick started at 2pm with Datuk Paul Chua’s opening address. In his speech, Chua emphasized on WBPF Singapore’s effort to bring the World Championship to Singapore. The lack of support from the local community was clearly seen through the very small crowd present at the event. This was indeed one of the poorest turnouts in history of our hosting of a regional championship. It is puzzling that even a local show like the annual NUS Muscle & Fitness War could draw a much larger crowd than such a regional event. It seems like the ambition of hosting the World Championship in Singapore is pretty much far-fetched.

poor crowd

Singapore’s first gold medal was contributed by veteran bodybuilder Vincent Ng Han Cheng in the 55kg light fly weight category. Age certainly has not taken its toll on this man! Clinching 4th position is Singapore’s Muhammad Ansari.


The 65kg bantam weight category was astonishingly lightly contested with only 3 participants. Singapore’s Mohammad Nur Syabil placed third against two strong competitors –Thailand’s Vachara Sasrisank and Vietnam’s Dang Thanh Tung. Syabil showed up with spot-on conditioning and great charisma on stage. Great potential for a young chap!


The 70kg lightweight category had arguably one of the stiffest competitions. Malaysia’s Buda Anchah took the gold and entertained the crowd as he posed to a remix of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” with his moonwalk!



Singapore’s musclewomen certainly did the nation proud in both the Women’s Bodybuilding as well as Model Physique categories. Singapore’s Thara Begum Yeo clinched victory in the Women’s Bodybuilding Category. Thara has made vast improvements to her physique from her last win at last year’s Shawn Rhoden Classic in the Philippines.


Hapsari Marsden clinched the gold medal in the Women’s Model Physique category. Hapsari is the epitome of a masculine yet feminine athlete, always putting on her smile as she walked elegantly on stage. Donning the bronze medal is Singapore’s Yvonne Chong, also the champion for NUS Muscle & Fitness War 2014.


Singapore’s Rinn Farina also made champion for the Women’s Model Physique category! Farina was certainly in the best shape of her life, while spotting a new hairdo! Her nicely sculpted physique was further accentuated by her confidence and strong stage presence. Congratulations to these fabulous ladies!


A lightly-contested 80kg light middleweight category had 3 contestants, with Vietnam’s Tran Hau Thuan taking the gold. Thailand’s Ekkaphon Sukthong donned the silver and placing third among the three was Singapore’s Mohamed Faris.

wbpf 80kg

The 85kg middleweight had 4 participants, one from Indonesia and the other three from Singapore. Indonesia’s Muliono took the champion title. Placing 2nd for this category is Singapore’s Amirrudin Ong Soon Hua, who is arguably the best of Singapore’s representatives. Amirrudin wowed the crowd with an aesthetically pleasing physique, flawless posing routine and a wide, handsome smile!



The Athletic Physique categories spotted very poor performance from the Singapore team. The below 170cm category had 7 participants. Singapore’s Muhammad Sharil took the 5th position, while Abdul Razak and Abdul Hadi did not make finals. The federation should step up its efforts in selecting more stage-worthy contenders for this category to keep up with the rising standards.

The Above 170cm category was equally challenging. Singapore’s Muhammad Zahari took 5th place while Edison Ho did not make it to the finals.

The two guest posers for the event were Mr Wong Hong from Malaysia – former IFBB Pro and WBPF World Champion 2011 as well as Mr Xin Jian from China – ABBF Champion 2011 & 2012, WBPF World Champion 2013. Wong Hong looked off-season and was considerably smaller as compared to his last appearance in Singapore in 2010. It was rumoured that he will be competing in the Athletic Physique category for this year’s WBPF World Championship.

Wong Hong

Xin Jian on the other hand, guest posed in an almost contest-ready conditioning.


The overall winner for this event was Vachara Sasrisank from Thailand. A phenomenal champion physique for a bantamweight!

The results for this competition have been published on WBPF Singapore’s website ( However, there is an evident lack of transparency as the scores for all the athletes were not reflected. It was also disheartening that WBPF/ABBF allowed unfair practices such that a particular country was able to participate in one category with up to three athletes. Stay tuned to Singapore Bodybuilding Scene for more updates and news!

Bodybuilding in Singapore – An Ailing Sport?

An article from The Sunday Times, 1st June 2014:

An article in The Sunday Times recently described bodybuilding as an ‘ailing sport’. It also highlighted how the present federations are making efforts to reinvigorate the sport. The doping sagas and scandals that happened in the past years have caused severe ignominy to the sport and brought it to such perplexities. With the current trends and the surge in numbers of enthusiasts, bodybuilding is indeed a growing sport – but one that requires some painstaking attention and work. It is disheartening that the sport has been seen in disdain not only by various governing bodies but the general public. Often labelled as a ‘dirty’ and ‘political’ sport, members of the community continue to press on despite being countlessly libeled and misunderstood.

Amid such a predicament, I honour the effort of federations like Bodybuilding Singapore and WBPF Singapore in keeping the sport alive. Despite being independent, Bodybuilding Singapore continues to provide a platform for competition – their next event being the National Bodybuilding & Physique Championship in September. Recently announcing a collaboration with the Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness, they are opening up avenues for athletes to compete internationally. Bodybuilding Singapore will be crowning two major titles this year – Mr. Singapore and Mr. Singapore Junior. Classic Bodybuilding has also be reintroduced, a shift from the usual Athletic Physique. Good news for our foreign counterparts too – there will be an invitational category just for you! Entry forms for the competition have been released and I strongly praise their transparency and comprehensiveness in providing information for the athletes. More about it here:

No federations are presently registered as a National Sports Association(NSA). Being registered as NSA puts a federation under more liabilities and does not necessarily mean that they will be funded. Therefore, it is not surprising that the existing federations have not came forward to apply for the status. Can we still foster progress for the sport without any government support?

Someone needs to come forward to salvage the sport from further devastation. I sense a vehement desire within the bodybuilding and fitness community for the sport to be reinstituted. To do that, we must first entrust a federation that is accountable, transparent, fair and ethical in providing a platform for competition. Athletes make up a federation and deserve to be treated with respect. Therefore, the agendas of the federations MUST suit the interests of the athletes, not the officials. When a federation judges its competitions unfairly, it engenders nothing but distrust among the athletes. The federation must be able come up with constructive and feasible plans in helping the sport to grow and bringing it forward, not using tactical gambits to gain support. Only then, can we maximise opportunities and the potential of athletes.

WBPF Singapore Pre-Selection for 12th South-East Asian Championship


WBPF Singapore held the pre-selection for the upcoming South-East Asian Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Championship which is to be held in June. A total of 22 athletes, both men and women battled for a chance to represent Singapore for the competition. Held at Temasek Hall of the National University of Singapore, the pre-selections attracted a number of young bodybuilders attempting to make a debut in the sport. Tickets were sold at the door of the stuffy, poorly-ventilated hall for $10 (yes, they charged even though it was not a competition). The lack of support from the local community was clearly seen through the poor turnout.

The event began (40 minutes late) with opening addresses by the WBPF Singapore President, Mr Dennis Tew and the General Secretary of World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation, Datuk Paul Chua. In his address, Chua praised the ‘bravery’ of the athletes who took part in this selection, ignoring ‘threats’ by other organizations. It was puzzling that he mentioned the practice of ‘democracy’ and ‘integrity’ in his federation when the Singapore scene which has been under his heavy influence has functioned akin to a dictatorship over the past decade.

The small and happy WBPF Singapore family

ImagePhoto: WBPF Singapore


The formats of the selection went pretty much like any other bodybuilding competitions – compulsory poses, free posing, and followed by pose down; just with multiple technical hiccups. A lot of improvement should be made in the management of their events as they shoulder the responsibility of hosting a regional competition in a few months’ time.

ALL athletes who presented themselves upon the foreground of the badly crumpled backdrop were selected to represent Singapore their respective categories. The organization should have been more meticulous in selecting the best athletes to represent the nation. Some of the athletes present would barely even make a placing in our local competitions. It was baffling that even such sub-standards were being selected for a regional competition, depicting a clear misrepresentation of the sport. Please do not misunderstand; I do not look down on debutant and developing athletes. However, a proper platform for debut must be provided so as to provide a more positive experience for the athletes.

For those of you who have no idea of the standards of South-East Asian Championship, here are some photos from the World/Asian/SEA Championships 2010 held in Singapore:

Fly weight (60kg) category for the 2010 SEA Championship


Among the region’s best – Syafrizaldy from Indonesia in the Welter Weight (75kg) category


The line-up for the Welter Weight (75kg) category


“See you in June, Singapore!”


Asian Beach Games 2014 – Letter from Olympic Council of Asia

The 4th Asian Beach Games will be held on 18th – 21st November 2014 in Phuket, Thailand. The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has announced the inclusion of the sport of bodybuilding in the games. The only governing body recognized by OCA for bodybuilding is the Asian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (AFBF), which is affiliated to the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). Please do not get confused between the AFBF and ABBF (Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation), which is affiliated to World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (WBPF).

The ABBF has lost its position in the OCA, which means that there is now a likelihood of the South-East Asian Games being sanctioned by AFBF. As such, any country that wishes to send their athletes for the above-mentioned games must be affiliated to the AFBF.

Below is the letter from the OCA which was attached to the e-mail sent by SFBF President, Mr Terry Robacker.


The next question is, what about us in Singapore?

Good news! The Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF) is affiliated to both AFBF and IFBB! Hence, athletes may represent the SFBF for the upcoming Asian Beach Games! Do start preparing from now, folks!


BREAKING NEWS – Bodybuilding Singapore Announces Collaboration with SFBF. Better Times Ahead!


Bodybuilding Singapore has released a statement on Tuesday, 25 March, 2014 about their collaboration with the Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF). Their e-mails exchange with SFBF’s President Mr Terry Robacker was published on their website. For the benefit of those who missed out my last post, let me take you through the series of events which led to this collaboration.

This e-mail was sent by Mr Terry Robacker on 20 March 2014 regarding the SFBF’s update.





In response, this e-mail was sent on 23 March 2014 by the General Secretary of Bodybuilding Singapore, Mr Farhan Rahmad.



Following which, SFBF president Mr Terry Robacker sent this e-mail to Bodybuilding Singapore President, Mr Kevin Chiak, announcing his pleasure in sanctioning their events.




Below is the ground breaking press release made by Bodybuilding Singapore about the collaboration.




This collaboration provides a platform for those who wish to compete in a fair and transparent system. It is now apparent that Bodybuilding Singapore and SFBF share the same goal in pursuit of the growth of bodybuilding. I praise their effort, transparency and professionalism in their dealings.

How does this joint effort affect the athletes?

i) Bodybuilding Singapore remains as an independent organization i.e. not affiliated to any international federation or government body. The local competitions will not be subjected to dope tests.

ii)  Athletes may compete with Bodybuilding Singapore locally and represent the SFBF for international competitions. Do note that all athletes will be subjected to dope tests for all international competitions.

iii) Athletes who have competed with WBPF Singapore (pre-selections inclusive, even if not selected) will NOT be allowed to compete in any SFBF or Bodybuilding Singapore competitions.


Stay tuned for more updates!

SFBF and BBSG – Possible Coalition In Future?


The Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness has astonishingly conjured after over two years of silence. Recently, an e-mail was being sent out by its President, Mr Terry Robacker regarding SFBF’s updates and their interest in applying the National Sports Association (NSA) status from the Singapore Sports Council. The SFBF is affiliated to the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).





Despite its eligibility for the NSA status and various affiliations, the credibility of the SFBF is still questionable since they have yet to form a committee. They have also been silent ever since their first (and only) National Championship in 2011. In response to the above update, an e-mail was sent out by the General Secretary of Bodybuilding Singapore (BBSG), Mr Farhan Rahmad.



From the two e-mails above, it can be seen that the SFBF and Bodybuilding Singapore have similar agendas in providing a safe, ethical and transparent platform for competition. However, it is still not known whether or not the two federations would work hand-in-hand. Amid the confusion, let me clear the air:

i) If you compete in BBSG events, you are free to compete in any competition organized by any federation (SFBF, etc.) except WBPF/WBPF SINGAPORE. What happens if you compete in WBPF events? You will be banned from any future BBSG events. Remember – BBSG sanctions most, if not all competitions held locally.

ii) If the SFBF is successful in achieving the NSA status; all athletes who have their names registered with them will be subjected to dope tests at any time of the year.

iii) What happens if you fail a dope test in a SFBF event? You will also be banned from any BBSG contests.

iv) In any international federation, you are only allowed to compete with ONE organization. Remember what happened to IFBB Pro Lee Priest? He was suspended from the IFBB for violating an IFBB rule of prohibiting its athletes from competing in non-sanctioned or non-approved “competition events” which:

“[I]ncludes, but is not limited to, competing, guest posing, giving a seminar, judging, officiating, endorsing or otherwise taking part in any capacity whatsoever in a non-approved or non-sanctioned competition or event.”

Check out this blog for more news and updates about the Singapore Bodybuilding Scene!

Singapore Bodybuilding Hall of Fame

Ever wondered who were the pioneers of Singapore bodybuilding that brought this sport to glory in both regional and World levels? As we sink into modern bodybuilding with numerous fanciful state-of-the-art equipment, training methods and supplementation, let us not forget how our nation’s bodybuilding heroes made it to World stage even with limited resources in the past. Let me take you on a walk down memory lane. Here are some of the past champions who have put Singapore bodybuilding on the map.

Pang Nai Seng


Above: A newspaper article about Pang in 1967. Source:

If you are a bodybuilding fan who has been attending most of our local competitions, you may see an old man often seated in the VIP seats and sometimes being called on stage to present prizes. That man is none other than Pang Nai Seng. He is better known as Uncle Pang by many. In 1967, 29-year old Pang became the first Singaporean to represent the nation for the World Championships, where he clinched a 4th place. Pang’s passion for bodybuilding still lives with him till today. At 80-years-old, he still does 1-to-1 coaching at one of the neighbourhood gyms.


Rohmat Juraimi


Rohmat was also one of the pioneers of Singapore bodybuilding. His legendary and phenomenal lats spread can still be remembered by many veterans today.  Rohmat’s accomplishments include the 1973 Overall Champion Mr Asia and a 6th position for the World Championships. Rohmat has also contributed to the success of various well-known bodybuilders like Wong Hong and Azman Abdullah, to name a few. Today, Rohmat has relocated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he runs his own gym and coaching business.


Fatholomein Ali


Fatholomein (better known as Fathol) was one of the best posers of Singapore Bodybuilding. His classical, smooth, flawless and often show-stopping posing trasitions never failed to put the audience in awe. Fathol has represented the nation and won numerous regional championships. He is well-liked and respected not just for his achievements but also his jovial character. Today, Fathol mentors many aspiring bodybuilders for their competitions.


Azman Abdullah


Azman was the first and only Singaporean to have clinched the title of Mr Universe. In 1993 he had four other prestigious gold medals under his belt. Azman trained under Serge Nubret when he prepared for the World Championship. Among the competitions which he took part in were the IFBB Night of Champions and World Games. Size, thickness and full, round muscle bellies – those were Azman’s assets which seem unbeatable even till today. After his retirement from competitive bodybuilding, Azman went on to be a bodybuilding coach with the SBBF, producing champions with his mentorship. Azman was awarded the Sportsman of the Year award in 1993 for his achievements which are still unmatched by anyone in Singapore till today.


Abdul Halim Bin Haron


Halim’s sacrifices for bodybuilding are indeed respectable. His sheer determination won him the gold medal at the 2002 Busan Asian Games Bantam Weight category. Halim started out competing as a Welterweight but was asked to shed off 10kg to make weight in the above-mentioned competition. Halim has trained under former Mr Universe, Mohamed Makawwy in preparation for the 2006 Asian Games. The fruits of his labour can be seen as he was recognized on the SSC’s hall of fame for his outstanding performance.


Ibrahim Bin Sihat



Ibrahim is arguably the all-time best bantamweight on the local scene. An avid competitor since the 1980s, he still remains in good shape even after retirement from competitive bodybuilding.  A 6-time SEA Games Champion, Ibrahim also clinched a World Ranking in 2006. In that same year, he placed 3rd in the Doha Asian Games flyweight category despite being the oldest competitor in his category. Ibrahim was also one of the national coaches who guided young bodybuilders to compete in both local and international levels.

Amir Bin Zainal



A former Asian Games Champion, Amir was one of the full time athletes with the SBBF. Amir has also won numerous national and regional medals. A disciplined and committed athlete, Amir often forced his weight down to 60kg for regional competitions despite competing as a lightweight at 70kg locally. Amir has retired from competitive bodybuilding since the 2007 SEA Games, where he clinched a silver medal.


Simon Chua Ling Fung



A 2-time Asian Games Champion, Simon has always been known for his aesthetics and his ‘split’ in his posing routines. His sacrifices were commendable, especially when he continued to strive for his gold medal in Busan despite having a fever a week before. Simon has participated in numerous regional championships, being the first to bring back an Asian Games medal for the nation in the Welterweight category. Simon did not announce his retirement after his last win.


Vincent Ng Han Cheng


Photo: Thaibody

Vincent was one of the lightest bodybuilders in history of Singapore bodybuilding. Weighing at only 55kg in international competitions, Vincent never failed to bring in spot-on conditioning. In 2007, Vincent brought glory to Singapore by attaining a World Ranking (4th) for his category.  


Mohammad Ismail Bin Muhammad


Ismail is the man known for his robotic moves during his free posing routines. Often a show stopper, he displayed outstanding charisma and showmanship in his competitions. A humble and easy going man, Ismail is well-liked and respected by many local bodybuilders. Ismail was actively competing till his late 40s. His last competition before retirement was the 2007 South East Asian Games. Today, Ismail contributes to the sport by judging local competitions like the National Championship.


Augustine Lee Kong Seong


Photo: Muscular Development

Augustine picked up bodybuilding at 30 years old. Yes, you got it right, 30! Even though he started way before most people, he has managed to surpass those who have been training way longer. Augustine has won almost every National Championship which he took part in. He has also won various titles at Masters Level (above 50), which makes him an evergreen athlete. Augustine’s last competition was the Arnold Amateurs 2014 (Masters Category) which was held recently, clinching a 6th place at age 60!


Agnes Quintessa Lee


Agnes was one of the pioneers for Women’s Bodybuilding in Singapore. Winning upon her debut in 1986 has driven her to train and compete in regional competitions. Agnes has done the nation proud by winning numerous regional titles. She ended her career with a bang, clinching a gold medal in Russia at 50 years old before retiring from competitive bodybuilding. Today, Agnes is a personal trainer by profession. She continues to serve as an inspiration for the younger generation as she still looks ripped and phenomenal all year round at 61 years, young!


Joan Liew


Joan is the epitome of masculinity and femininity. Recently crowned Champion for the Women’s Physique Division in the Arnold Amateurs 2014, Joan has been actively competing and presenting the nation since her first win at the Asian Bodybuilding Championships in year 2000. Joan currently runs the Fitness Factory gym with Augustine Lee, her business and training partner.




The Singapore Bodybuilding Scene – of Controversies and Sagas


The local bodybuilding scene has been through tremendous changes, devastation and ignominy after all the doping scandals and politics that have conjured in the recent years. It seems like the glorious days of bodybuilding in Singapore are long gone and regaining that glory is indeed a backbreaking task. The formation of multiple federations have caused mass confusion among athletes and further polarized the bodybuilding community.

It is important that athletes keep themselves well informed about the happenings in the scene. As the bodybuilding community continues to grow rapidly, it demands for a proper platform for competition where transparency, fairness and ethics are being practised. Here is a clarification for those of you who are still in doubt or are only able to see things on a prima-facie level.

Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SBBF)


Note: This federation is now dysfunctional

The SBBF had track records of organizing 51 National Bodybuilding Championships and has always been the controlling body for the sport in Singapore with the National Sports Association (NSA) status. It is no longer existent; the last known President was Dr. Rano Izhar Rahmat. Once affiliated to the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) and funded by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), it was under heavy influence and leadership of Datuk Paul Chua ( SBBF has produced numerous Asian champions and a World Champion in its glorious days. Chua stepped down from his post as President in 2007, where he was succeeded by Captain (Ret) Richard Tang. He was then appointed as the Honorary Life President of the organization.

SBBF had their own training centre and coaches up to 2008, where athletes preparing for overseas competitions attended their centralized training. As funding from the SSC was cut in 2008, the SBBF had to share their training centre with Fitness Force Gym, which was then owned by Mr Kevin Chiak.

SBBF was disaffiliated from the IFBB in 2010 when Paul Chua was suspended from his post as the General Secretary for the Asian Bodybuilding Federation/ IFBB Asia ( which, Chua spearheaded the formation of the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (WBPF), pulling Singapore and the rest of Asia under his wing. It is clear that Chua has always had the agenda of monopolizing the sport.

Chua was removed from his post as the Honorary Life President by the Exco in 2013 as he was seen as a hindrance to the growth of the sport. More about it here: ( Throughout his reign in SBBF and ABBF, Chua was an influential man as he determined who gets the medals and who gets nothing. He has also been accused of bribery in 2010.

Blog 3

Blog 2


Following the 50th Golden Jubilee in 2012, the SBBF was under heavy scrutiny for a doping scandal where 7 of its athletes were tested positive for anabolic steroids.  The saga was sensationalized on both mainstream and online media. In 2013, the NSA title was withdrawn by the Singapore Sports Council. Since then, bodybuilding was no longer a recognized sport and seized to receive any funding from the Government.(

The SBBF held their last National Championships at Singapore Expo in June 2013, where the President declared the closure of the federation.  They also revealed and presented the rightful winner of Mr Singapore 2011, Muhammad Ismail Bin Mahmood after the committee found the score sheets, only to find that the title was given to Adrian Tan instead of Ismail.


Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (SFBF)Image

This organization is led by Mr Terry Robacker. As SBBF was removed from the IFBB, this federation was formed, aiming to bring the athletes back under its wing. The federation gained vast popularity when they brought former Mr Olympia, Ronnie Coleman to Singapore in 2010 and former Ms Olympia, Juliette Bergman in 2011. SFBF offered hope for those who decided not to support Paul Chua and the SBBF. They held their one and only National Championships at the Rock Auditorium in December 2011 and also sent a few Singaporean athletes to the Arnold Classic Amateurs. Little is known about their activities since they announced a merger with SBBF at the SBBF Golden Jubilee in 2012.


Bodybuilding Singapore (BBSG)


An independent organization led by Mr Kevin Chiak, also winner of Mr Singapore 2010. Formerly known as the Singapore Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (SBPF), they announced the re-naming of their organization as they were disaffiliated from WBPF in late 2013. Kevin, together with his team of executive council members continues to strive in keeping the sport alive. BBSG now serves as the local platform for competition in a fair and transparent environment. Most local competitions will now be sanctioned by BBSG. They have yet to announce their intention of affiliating themselves with any international federation. BBSG recently co-organized the NUS Muscle and Fitness War 2014, which turned out to be a successful event. They will be holding the National Bodybuilding and Physique Championships on 14th September 2014, where they aim to crown two major titles – Mr Singapore and Mr Singapore Junior.


WBPF Singapore (WBPFSG)


As the name suggests, it is affiliated to the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation, under the leadership of Mr Dennis Tew. This federation is still under heavy influence of Paul Chua, aiming to gain support from the Singapore bodybuilders. They will be organizing their 2014 Southeast Asian Championships in Singapore this June, where a pre-selection will be conducted in March.



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